About Bianca

I take pride in every one of my team members that consistently deliver at each event. I was fortunate enough to be raised in the vibrant diversity that is Cape Town. I have always been very much aware of the opportunities that this country offers those who seek it out. It was however, only after a stint in London’s corporate environment, where I had to endure one too many cold and damp mornings, that I came back to South Africa full of motivation.

The fast paced and ambitious London days held me in good stead, when after my return, I applied my experience in heading up the events division of a Cape Town based Advertising Agency.

During my tenure I hosted over 50 National Launches, 2 International Trade Shows and a Cape Town Cycle Race. It was in 2011, armed with my experience, knowledge and deep passion that I decided to take a leap of faith and Coastline Events was born in the seaside town of Hermanus. I look back in awe when I realise how incredible this journey has been for me to date.

Event Management is an ever-evolving challenge and striving to maintain excellence in this competitive field remains my mission. I surround myself with a like-minded team of people who share my vision and we grow in strength and expertise daily.

I am still confronted with cold and damp mornings which remind me of my informative London days. The difference now is that I have a top quality waterproof coat that will hold me in good stead, as I traverse the road ahead.

My unwavering commitment and dedication to the industry stands testament to the success of my endeavours. I look forward with great excitement and optimism to the sunshine days of Coastline Events

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